Do you use your time more efficiently?

BioMorph is an artificial intelligent integrated software for morphological measurements. With the BioMorph, family and species identification of a studied bio-object are automatically be determined from a digital photograph. The landmarks for discrimination of the bio-objects are automatically found on the digital photograph and then measurements and alalyses are performed. By using BioMorph, labroatuary time and efferds are grately saved.

BioMorph is a very friendly use software, you can analyze your data very easely since it is artificial intelligent integrated software

BioMorph is very convenient for Researchers, PhD and Master students, graduate students and technical persons.

Do not deal with unnecessary details!

You can perform many operations with BioMorph without the need for different programs in your researches.

BioMorph software saves your time from dealing with unnecessary details and helps you to quickly pre-run your work, allowing you to create ready-made graphics and tables for presentations or articles.

BioMorph v3 can be downloaded only for Windows users. Mac OS version is under development stage and coming soon!